Tuesday, June 3, 2008

03 Jun 08

I started off the day by gluing on a few more angle brackets that will help reinforce the box channel caps. Hunt and I had to go to Greensboro to visit Carolina Loom and Reed to see about a reed for weaving our 1/8th" material. We also made a stop by Ameritek to get a die made for punching out a bunch of circles in bi-ply. While we were gone, Caroline, Zac and Ben wove, and Luke worked on assembling the 1/8th" heddles. Kendal took Zac's place in the weaving operation this afternoon, and Zac cut some chipboard for making into discs. I took a butterfly panel outside and sanded the surface in preparation for applying the woven outer layer. Hunt mixed a few versions of a cherry stain, and we tested it on a small section of weave. It is going to look killer. Ben started cutting the chipboard into discs with a hole saw, and Caroline sanded the edges. I worked on the butterfly panel until dinner and came back out to finish it. Caroline came out, and we trimmed loose ends on the weave until about 10:30pm. With any luck tomorrow, we will spray stain on the weave and glue it to the butterfly panel. The crew reached the 26' mark in weaving today.

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