Wednesday, July 9, 2008

09 Jul 08

I went to work on infusing the front wing while the guys cleaned up this morning. Caroline's mom was scheduled to arrive today before lunch, so the place needed some tending to. Hunt and I pulled the glue in by about 10:00am, and everything went well. I went in to work on taking the body shell off the chassis while Ben worked on the leveling the body table. Aaron and Zach wove 1/4" walnut, and Luke and Zac worked the 1/8" loom. Ben came in to help me get the body ready to come off, and all the guys came to help take it off right before we went to lunch. After lunch, I cleaned up the car a little where we had made the interior body panel molds, and then I went out to work on stabilizing the body shell on the table with help from Ben and later Luke. Caroline and her mom finished drawing in the 1/8" loom. Zac cut and prepared the piece of woven veneer that will make up the outer skin of the 2nd buttefly panel. Aaron left for the day, and Zach came up to help Luke and Zac work on the 1/8" loom. Ben worked on the trailer until he headed out. We broke for dinner at about 8:00pm, and after we went to the Home Depot to get some glue guns and extension cords for weaving tomorrow. Caroline and her mom wove for a while, and I did some work on the computer. We all called it quits at about 10:30pm.

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